Inspiring Sustainability with a Superhero-themed Website for Apetece

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User Centrix Ltd. had the privilege of collaborating with Apetece, a leading school catering company, to develop an impactful website aimed at promoting sustainable recipes made from banana skins. Our objective was to create an engaging online platform that showcased Apetece’s commitment to sustainability in school catering, targeting the management of schools. With a superhero theme as our guiding inspiration, we aimed to captivate and inspire school administrators to embrace sustainable practices.

The Challenge

The challenge presented to User Centrix was to create a website that effectively communicated Apetece’s sustainability message to school management. We needed to capture their attention, showcase the benefits of sustainable recipes using banana skins, and motivate them to adopt eco-friendly practices in their school catering operations.

The Solution

User Centrix approached the challenge with creativity and innovation, implementing a comprehensive solution that seamlessly merged sustainability and a superhero theme:

  1. Superhero-inspired Design: We crafted a visually appealing website with a superhero-inspired design, incorporating dynamic colors, captivating illustrations, and compelling graphics. This design approach aimed to capture the attention of school administrators and create an engaging environment for exploring sustainable recipes.
  2. Informative Recipe Showcase: To promote sustainable recipes using banana skins, we created an informative recipe showcase. School administrators could explore a diverse range of recipes that creatively utilized banana skins, accompanied by detailed instructions, captivating visuals, and information highlighting the environmental benefits of these recipes.
  3. Educational Resources: Understanding the importance of providing valuable resources, we developed an educational section on the website. This section included informative articles, infographics, and videos, offering school management insights into sustainability practices, the advantages of using banana skins in school catering, and the positive impact on the environment.
  4. Engaging Content: To ensure active engagement, we incorporated interactive elements such as case studies, success stories, and testimonials from schools that had already embraced sustainable practices. This content aimed to inspire school administrators, fostering a sense of community and encouraging them to implement eco-friendly strategies in their catering operations.

The Result

The collaboration between User Centrix and Apetece yielded remarkable results, empowering school management to embrace sustainability in their catering operations:

  1. Increased Awareness: The superhero-themed website effectively raised awareness among school administrators about sustainable recipes using banana skins. The informative recipe showcase and educational resources provided valuable insights, enabling them to make informed decisions regarding sustainable practices in school catering.
  2. Positive Brand Perception: Apetece’s commitment to sustainability and its innovative approach were successfully communicated through the website, enhancing its brand reputation and positioning the company as a leader in eco-conscious school catering. The superhero theme resonated with school management, associating Apetece with excitement and positive values.
  3. Engaged School Administrators: The engaging content and interactive features of the website captured the attention of school administrators, motivating them to explore sustainable recipes and implement eco-friendly strategies in their catering operations. The superhero theme inspired a sense of empowerment and encouraged them to take action.


In conclusion, User Centrix successfully collaborated with Apetece to develop a superhero-themed website that showcased sustainable recipes made from banana skins to school administrators. By leveraging captivating design elements, informative content, and interactive features, we engaged school management, inspired their adoption of eco-friendly practices, and positioned Apetece as a sustainability-driven brand. This case study highlights the power of strategic web development in creating meaningful connections with the target audience and driving positive change. User Centrix takes pride in contributing to Apetece's mission and remains committed to supporting their efforts to promote sustainability in school catering operations.

I had the opportunity to work with Peter on several projects and the results were always beyond expectations. His leadership and ease of communication are essential for the team and especially for the quality of deliveries.

Andresa Lenzi – Immersiva
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