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As a web developers, we were thrilled to partner with Club100, a premier organizer of thrilling karting championships. Our mission was clear: transform their online presence into a captivating and functional portal that would engage participants, deliver race updates, and streamline registrations for each championship season.


Club100 required a website that could act as the central hub for their karting championships, catering to a diverse range of formats and categories. They sought a dynamic platform that not only provided participants with essential information but also delivered race reports, video transmissions, and live timing updates in real-time. Furthermore, the website had to seamlessly handle registrations, ensuring a seamless experience for participants as they renewed their memberships for each championship season.


Our team of expert web developers embarked on an exhilarating journey to bring Club100’s vision to life. We adopted a comprehensive approach, carefully crafting every element of the website to create an immersive and seamless user experience.

  1. Engaging Portal Design: We started by conceptualizing a visually stunning and intuitive user interface. Our designers drew inspiration from the high-speed nature of karting, incorporating dynamic visuals, vibrant colors, and sleek typography. The result was an engaging portal that instantly captivated visitors and immersed them in the world of Club100.
  2. Race Reports and Video Transmissions: To keep participants and racing enthusiasts on the edge of their seats, we integrated a state-of-the-art system for generating and delivering race reports and video transmissions. Our developers created a streamlined workflow that allowed Club100’s team to produce and publish engaging race content seamlessly. From exhilarating finishes to thrilling overtakes, every heart-pounding moment was expertly captured and shared with the audience.
  3. Real-time Live Timing Integration: Partnering with Alpha Timing, a leading provider of live timing solutions, was a game-changer for Club100. We seamlessly integrated their technology into the website, enabling participants and fans to access real-time race updates. Lap times, position changes, and leaderboard standings were presented with unparalleled accuracy, fueling the excitement and enhancing the overall spectator experience.
  4. Hassle-free Registrations: We understood the importance of a smooth registration process for Club100’s participants. To streamline the sign-up experience, we implemented a user-friendly registration system. With just a few clicks, participants could renew their memberships for each championship season, ensuring a seamless journey from registration to the race track.


The Club100 website, powered by our innovative web development solutions, has revolutionized their online presence, solidifying their position as a leader in the karting industry. The results speak for themselves:

  1. Enhanced User Engagement: The captivating design and immersive features of the website have significantly increased user engagement. Participants and fans alike are now more connected than ever, actively following and participating in Club100’s karting championships.
  2. Real-time Excitement: The integration of live timing from Alpha Timing has provided an unprecedented level of real-time excitement. Participants and fans can stay up-to-date with every twist and turn, amplifying the adrenaline rush of the races.
  3. Streamlined Registrations: The hassle-free registration system has simplified the process for participants, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience. Club100 now experiences a higher rate of participant retention and renewed registrations for each championship season.


In conclusion, our collaboration with Club100 has propelled their online presence to new heights. By leveraging our cutting-edge web development solutions, we have created a dynamic website that engages participants, delivers real-time race updates, and streamlines registrations. The enhanced user engagement, real-time excitement, and streamlined registrations have solidified Club100's position as a leader in the karting industry. We take pride in our contribution to the success of Club100, fueling the passion of karting enthusiasts and providing an unforgettable racing experience. With our blend of creativity and functionality, we have redefined the online presence of karting championships, setting a new standard for the industry.

User Centrix have created a dynamic website for Club100 Racing Ltd, managing and further developing the site over the last 8 years. Their focus on the finer detail and troubleshooting is no less than excellent. I would strongly recommend User Centrix to companies looking to manage or develop their online tech services.

John Vigor – Club100


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