180 years of Brazilian Norweigan relations

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We had the honor of collaborating with the Brazilian Norwegian Chamber of Commerce (BNCC) to create a dynamic website for the “Brazil 200” event. This milestone celebration marked the 200th anniversary of Brazilian independence and 180 years of trade between Brazil and Norway.


The BNCC presented us with the challenge of creating a website that effectively conveyed the historical significance and vibrancy of the Brazil 200 event. The website needed to provide visitors with a memorable and engaging experience, showcasing the cultural exchange between Brazil and Norway, and promoting business opportunities and collaboration.

The Solution

Our creative team embarked on a journey to create a visually stunning and informative website that captured the spirit of Brazil 200. Leveraging our expertise in web design and user experience, we crafted a solution that seamlessly blended history, culture, and business networking.

  1. Captivating Design and Visual Storytelling: To honor the legacy of Brazilian independence and the enduring trade relationship with Norway, we curated a visually captivating design that celebrated the cultural richness of both nations. Through a combination of vibrant colors, expressive imagery, and striking typography, we conveyed the energy and vibrancy of Brazil 200.
  2. Engaging Event Highlights and Program: We developed an event highlights section that showcased the key moments and activities of the Brazil 200 celebration. Visitors could explore a detailed program featuring a lineup of engaging events, such as exhibitions, cultural performances, business conferences, and networking opportunities, all designed to foster collaboration between the Brazilian and Norwegian business communities.
  3. Interactive Timeline of Trade Relations: To pay tribute to the long-standing trade relationship between Brazil and Norway, we created an interactive timeline. This captivating feature allowed visitors to explore significant milestones in the bilateral trade history, promoting a deeper understanding of the shared economic achievements between the two nations.


The collaborative effort between our creative agency and the BNCC resulted in remarkable outcomes, making the Brazil 200 event a resounding success and propelling the website to receive an overwhelming response from participants:

  1. Massive Event Success: The Brazil 200 event surpassed all expectations, attracting a large number of participants and attendees from both Brazil and Norway. The vibrant program of exhibitions, cultural performances, business conferences, and networking opportunities created an electric atmosphere, fostering meaningful connections and collaborations.
  2. Website Registration Surge: The website played a pivotal role in the event’s success by serving as a centralized hub for registrations. Its user-friendly interface and seamless registration process encouraged participants to sign up in droves, exceeding the anticipated number of registrations. The website became the go-to platform for individuals and businesses eager to be a part of this historic celebration.
  3. Engaging User Experience: The website provided an immersive and engaging user experience, capturing the essence of Brazil 200. Its visually captivating design, interactive timeline, and detailed event program kept visitors informed and entertained, ensuring a memorable experience for all.


In conclusion, the Brazil 200 event, commemorating the 200th anniversary of Brazilian independence and 180 years of trade between Brazil and Norway, achieved remarkable success with the assistance of our creative agency's innovative website. By seamlessly facilitating registrations and providing an immersive user experience, the website played a crucial role in attracting a significant number of participants and fostering connections between the Brazilian and Norwegian business communities. We take pride in contributing to the event's triumph, showcasing the power of design and user-centric approach in creating a memorable and impactful celebration of cultural exchange and collaboration.

Peter from User Centrix is brilliant in his craft, having a solution to any challenge that comes up and getting things done. I strongly recommend him and would not hesitate to work with User Centrix again.

Elise Neiva – BNCC


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