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Elevating Bigbang’s Online Presence with a Standout Website

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User Centrix Ltd. had the privilege of collaborating with the renowned Norwegian band, Bigbang, to develop a captivating website in conjunction with the release of their new album, “Le Californie”. Our goal was to create an engaging online platform that reflected the band’s identity and energy, providing fans with an immersive experience while exploring their discography, purchasing merchandise, and obtaining information about upcoming shows.


The challenge presented to User Centrix was to create a website that met the expectations of Bigbang’s fans and delivered a unique experience. It was necessary to capture the essence of the band, showcase their discography in an organized manner, offer a functional merchandise shop, and provide accurate information about shows and future events.

The Solution

User Centrix approached the challenge with creativity and technical expertise, implementing a comprehensive solution that catered to the needs of Bigbang and their fans:

  1. Vibrant and Engaging Design: We developed a visually appealing design that reflected Bigbang’s energy and unique style. Through the use of vibrant colors, dynamic graphic elements, and an intuitive user interface, we created an immersive experience that immersed visitors in the band’s musical universe.
  2. Organized Discography: We created a dedicated section for Bigbang’s discography, where fans can easily explore all the albums released, tracks, and additional information. We implemented audio playback features and links to streaming platforms, allowing fans to enjoy Bigbang’s music directly on the website.
  3. Functional Merchandise Shop: We developed an integrated online shop within the website, where fans can purchase exclusive Bigbang merchandise. We implemented shopping cart features, secure payment methods, and reliable shipping, ensuring a seamless purchasing experience for fans.
  4. Show and Event Information: We created a dedicated section to inform fans about Bigbang’s upcoming shows and events. Website visitors can find dates, venues, timings, and additional details about each performance, ensuring they don’t miss any opportunities to see the band live.

The Result

The collaboration between User Centrix and Bigbang resulted in a standout online presence, providing fans with a comprehensive platform to explore the band’s discography, purchase exclusive merchandise, and stay updated on shows and events. The notable results of this project include:

  1. Fan Engagement: Bigbang’s website has become an essential destination for fans, offering an interactive and engaging experience that keeps them connected with the band. The organized discography, functional merchandise shop, and updated show information have increased fan engagement and satisfaction.
  2. Increased Merchandise Sales: The integrated merchandise shop on the website has witnessed an increase in sales, allowing fans to conveniently purchase exclusive Bigbang merchandise directly from the website.
  3. Enhanced User Experience: The website provides an enhanced user experience, allowing fans to navigate effortlessly through the discography, explore merchandise options, and access up-to-date information about shows and events. The user-centric design and intuitive interface contribute to a memorable and enjoyable browsing experience.


The development of Bigbang's website by User Centrix proved instrumental in elevating the band's online presence and strengthening their connection with fans. Through a visually appealing design, organized discography, functional merchandise shop, and detailed show information, the website has successfully showcased Bigbang's music, merchandise, and upcoming performances. User Centrix takes pride in contributing to the band's success by delivering a website that reflects their unique identity and engages fans on multiple levels.

Peter is an excellent professional on all levels. Not only is he extremely technically gifted, but as a member of any working team on a project, he puts work flow in order and gives the team excellent collaborative energy. I can strongly recommend User Centrix.

Stian Olsen – Frost Productions
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